Complete Service Package

Our goal at SIH is to offer the employer, individual or band a complete ‘one stop shop’ for all their hearing assessment, rehabilitation and Disability Discrimination Act needs. With this in mind we have teamed up with one of the regions top hearing aid dispensers and a nationally respected Hearing Therapist to provide a fast and effective rehabilitation package for your employees

Whether an employee requires assistance in the workplace due to an existing or acquired hearing loss, or rehabilitation in the form of hearing aids or tinnitus counselling as part of an ongoing claim our aim is to maximise the outcomes for both parties. Through timely and effective intervention we help to demonstrate a positive approach to employee care with the aim of ameliorating the cost of litigation

For bands we can offer a total package of care from baseline hearing monitoring, custom ear defenders right up to active monitors for stage and rehearsal

Noise Regulations

Hearing Tests

Advice and Training