Disability Support for Employees

From the advent of the Disability Discrimination Act in 1995 anyone who employs 10 or more people is required by law to make any and all reasonable adjustments to their plant or practice for an employee with a disability.

In some cases meeting that need may be quite straight forward, e.g. providing a ramp and widening a door for wheelchair access. Hearing loss, Tinnitus and Noise Sensitivity can be significantly more complex to manage. If your employee wears a hearing aid for example they may require specialist equipment to use a telephone at work. But is this a neck loop, hearing aid compatible phone or bluetooth hub? If they have a noise sensitivity following injury at work simply moving them to a quieter area may not be sufficient, further counselling to reduce sensitivity may be required.

SIH offers a complete package of assessment and rehabilitation which aims to get the right solution for you and your employee. This can save on both time and money by taking the trial and error out of the process. We can also work closely with funding agencies such as Access to Work to secure grants for some of the costs where available.

Noise Awareness Training

As you may be aware the control of noise at work act places the onus on the employer to sufficiently train and equip their workforce to avoid noise injury at work. In order to both demonstrate compliance with the act and reduce the chance of litigation and extent of liability it can be very helpful to facilitate regular training courses for employees and new starters.

This ensures that their can be no misunderstandings about the expectations you have of your employees and the consequences should they fail to comply.

Tinnitus Advice and Treatment

What is Tinnitus Management and how can it help our staff?

This is a treatment that involves explaining the source and true meaning of the Tinnitus sounds

By using a combination of directive counselling and Cognitive Behavioural techniques we aim to retrain the auditory filters in the brain, encouraging the signal to be filtered out more often than it is filtered in to the conscious mind

Alongside this relaxation and sound enrichment techniques are taught in order to reduce the reaction to and awareness of the Tinnitus sounds

The goal of Tinnitus Management is to arrive at a point where the awareness of the Tinnitus signal and reaction to it is reduced, enhancing concentration, sleep and quality of life

Arranging timely care for injured employees can facilitate return to work and form a cost-effective component of any settlement package

Deaf Awareness Training for Organisations and Business

If you are a business or organisation that deals directly with members of the public you may or may not be aware of your responsibilities under the Disabilities Discrimination Act 1995/2005

The penalties for breaching the terms of this act can be quite severe. Often breaches occur simply due to a lack of awareness on behalf of you or your staff

We offer a comprehensive and competitive training package for business and large organisations

Please use the contact form for more information regarding this training available