Hearing Tests

When convenient our Audiologists will come to your place of business and assess all your at risk staff on site prior to their shift to minimise disruption. We will complete a report for each staff member tested including Pure Tone Audiometry, ear examination and written recommendations for further action if required. Each report remains with the staff members personnel record as a reference point for further tests allowing us to monitor any unusual changes in their hearing from year to year

By conducting yearly health surveillance tests you can insure the health and safety of your workforce and reduce the risk of any future litigation. Evidence of an active health surveillance programme can help to reduce workplace insurance premiums

Additionally we will train your workforce in noise awareness issues and correct earplug fitting techniques and provide documentation that this has been completed

Please get in touch for a quote.
Discounts are available depending on size of workforce to be tested

A 10% surcharge is applicable for each 50 miles travelled or part thereof beyond the first 50 miles travelled